When we started this series we set out to widen Greensboro’s musical spectrum by filling a void we noticed in our local music landscape. We fought hard to inspire as many people as we could to embrace different perspectives in the world of dance music by featuring not only DJ’s but bands, live electronic musicians, and visual artists from around the world. We do our best to break away from the usual tropes of the modern genre cliques and egos by creating safe, welcoming spaces to let loose for a while and bring together as many creative ideas as we can along the way. It’s been our mission statement from the beginning and still is today.

It feels like a dream looking back at the artists we have managed to pull through but we would love to thank them as well for taking a chance on us; Marley Carrol, J. Rocc, DJ Earl, DJ Seinfeld, Pender Street Steppers, Baltra, Sinkane, Luke Jenner of The Rapture, DJ Aakmael, !!! (DJ set), Hush Hush, Little People, Kotu, DJ Taye, Astro Nautico DJs, Niya Wells, Braille, Kweku Collins, Seven Davis Jr., Bird Peterson, Photay, Denitia and Sene, Starfoxx, Treee City, Ex-Cult, Free The Robots and more…

We are beyond thankful for every person who has ever been part of our family through the years so shout outs to our alumni and everyone who has made this series such a success; Max MacClennen, Ryan Snyder, Jack Bonney, Adam Gretz, Mat Hollingsworth, Todd Turner, Alvin Shavers, Julio Yanez, Luis Amundaray, the fine folks at The Crown, and countless others have made these events so special.

It’s been a blessing to say the least, and we hope to keep these events going as long as we are able so again, thank you for your time, your love, and your support, we’ll see you at the next one!