Hello again! It’s been way too long! Our friend Hush Hush is in town and that felt like the perfect excuse to throw a party! It’s next Thursday the 28th back downtown at The Mill on South Elm street. We will have our usual big sound and welcoming vibe so come join us!

Hush hush has been releasing a lot of fire tracks since we last saw him in town so we are hyped to hear what he brings along with him! Our residents Niervash, Rahl, and 50ft will also be out in full force as well as DFA alum ALVIN SHAVERS who is joining us for the first time in forever and we’re excited to welcome him back for a set.

We will be seeding out any other info here as we get through the next week so help us spread the word. Share this far and wide and we will see you soon!


Also, we released a mix on highly a limited run of cassette tapes that disappeared quickly from our table at events last year. It’s a new year so maybe its time to spread the love so here is a digital copy for anyone looking for something to chill with one night. It’s a deep dive featuring Niervash, Rahl, and 50ft cutting together four separate mini sessions that take you to distinctly different places. It ended up being quite a trip and we wanted anyone interested to be able to hop in and enjoy. Here’s a link to an MP3 download.