Above is a recent relaxed home sessions stream featuring Rahl and 50ft. A chance to get together and share a few new records. We are starting to peek into the coming year and start gathering up some fresh ideas and putting feelers out for future parties. In these quiet winter months a stream here and there can be a nice way to connect.

Also, we released a mix on highly a limited run of cassette tapes that disappeared quickly from our table at events last year. It’s a new year so maybe its time to spread the love so here is a digital copy for anyone looking for something to chill with one night. It’s a deep dive featuring Niervash, Rahl, and 50ft cutting together four separate mini sessions that take you to distinctly different places. It ended up being quite a trip and we wanted anyone interested to be able to hop in and enjoy. Here’s a link to an MP3 download.

We hope to have another live streamed session or two in the coming months as winter winds down and we can get a better picture of the shape of the world this year. Hopefully everyone is doing well in the new year!? We cant wait to see you again down the line, for now though, enjoy the cassette sessions mix and the live stream and we will talk again soon. XOXO – DFA