The Basics:

WHEN: September 3rd 2021. Come out early and relax with us for a while, gate is open at 8PM, we’ll go as long as there is energy to share.

WHERE: The Track Yard is an outdoor space with lots of room to spread out. 
Located on the edge of Greensboro near the airport: 306 Orville wright dr. Greensboro, NC 27409 (Quick and easy access to I-40!)
(note that this is a dead end street, The Track Yard is the back yard of the building with the giant white triangle on front. There is a parking lot plus street parking, entrance is to the right of the building at the gate.)

There will be a bar on site. If you would like, bring food & lawn chairs to get comfortable when your not on the dance floor! 

HOW MUCH? $10 suggested donation at the door, we’ll have a card reader handy.
(Worth noting we don’t make a habit of turning away those who can not pay. Consider the fee as a donation to cover overhead of making the show happen and helping us continue to have events in the future.)

VACCINATION NOTE: We are now requiring those coming out that to be fully vaccinated and if you’re willing, slip a mask on while on the dance floor if it’s getting full. Theres no judgment here. It’s a quickly evolving world we live in these days but we really want everyone there to feel safe around each other and have the opportunity to have a good time and the best way to do that is if we can trust each other.

There is no way for us to genuinely know for sure if you are fully vaccinated outside of your little signature card but it would be great if you could have a photo of it handy at least. We have always been a trusting of those who come to our events to be a responsible part of the family and this applies here as well. We have plenty of room outside but again, we want this to be a safe space where everyone can relax and enjoy themselves. Thanks for your trust of each other and your understanding.

House Rules: Be responsible for yourself. Be mindful of others. 

The Whole Story

Since the beginning of our humble party way back in 2014 a select few DJ’s have been the glue that holds our events together. While the line up has shifted around over time, the past few years we have honed that pool down to what we think is a sweet balance of talent and taste in Niervash, Rahl, and 50ft, a.k.a., Julio, Luis, and John. We’re really not the kind of party that posts up glamor shots of our crew but we don’t mind gushing about them for a bit.

Julio (Niervash) is probably from another planet and isn’t telling us. His eclectic cuts and big chances always pay off on the dance floor. He digs deep, swings wide, and always brings the heat. He gravitates toward the unexpected and always brings out grooves that are larger than life, a true, classic selector in its purest form.

Luis (Rahl) is the newest member of our little family but his love for his craft and warm, inviting personality was a perfect fit for DFA. His aptitude for long mixes that dig into the deepest corners of deep house, moody minimal techno and more is impeccable and never fails to surprise us. He is a master of the vinyl record and we are always excited to hear what magic he will pull out of his record bag next.

John (50ft) has been around since the Second DFA, sheepishly lugging around way more records than he could ever play during any one night. He… ok switching to first person, I lean heavily into sunny, soul touched house and pretty much anything with a unique swing or vibe to it. You shouldn’t be surprised to hear shifts from house and techno, to UK garage, to jazz and funk, and more, it all depends on the dance floor on any given night. There’s no rules to my sets, I just love music and always hope to dig out at least one record that makes YOUR night (yes I mean you).

September 3rd we’re going to be featuring the unique talents of these three selectors all night long… But wait, there’s more! A special guest that has also been here from the very first Dance From Above will be joining us, none other than the incomparable Marley Carrol. If you have been following along for a while you have surely been to a DFA featuring his talent behind the decks. He is our ace in the hole and are genuinely humbled to consider him part of the DFA family since its inception.

These four will have time for a full set, then later in the night we’ll jump in together and play back to back, trading records and tracks until we’ve worn at least an inch off the dance floor.

We cant wait to have everyone back out to The Track Yard. We’ll have the same big dynamic sound, colorful atmosphere, and good times. Please, by all means bring out a friend or two, we have plenty of room to spread out and relax. See you soon! XOXO