Hello Dance From Above family! Whats the latest?

Well, we’re excited to close out an otherwise gentle year of parties strong with three events to close out the year. First up, were back at the Flat Iron with UK based artist, Kota! This is going to be a rare opportunity to catch this purveyor of savvy deep house and laid back techno in an intimate setting. Read on for full details!

On Thursday November 7th we will be opening up the doors of Greensboro’s newest gem for indie music showcases, the Flat Iron once again. This time around we are lucky to have with us the ethereal talents of KOTU, a name we want to help everyone in town become intimately familiar with.

Kotu is a UK based duo consisting of Will Spence and Tom Chambers. For this event we have Will performing a solo DJ set for us and we do mean it when we are filled with joy to have him here with us. His sun kissed, laid back style is a perfect fit for Dance From Above.

Will is a founder of Oleeva records which shares eerily similar values with us when it comes to their love for art and music. Heres an excerpt from an interview with Will:

“Oleeva is a big family of music and art lovers. The label is based on a foundation of a few ideas and values that we really believe in and present them to the world in our own little way. Family, togetherness, a love of the natural world, beautiful artwork, organic sounds and authentic music.”

This is what we’re all about, family and having a great time through the power of music.